High Turnover

Your bottom line gets hit in multiple ways every time you need to replace an employee, from lost productivity on the floor to the time and expense to recruit and train new hires. Recent research suggests it costs about one-third the annual salary of the position – or nearly $7,000 per year for every position that pays $10 per hour.

High turnover is a major expense, even in entry-level positions.

Our Workforce Coaches will help your frontline employees address a range of issues that might otherwise cause them to leave or be fired. They are trained professionals who know how to navigate barriers such as unreliable transportation, expensive childcare, unstable housing and toxic stress.

By providing your employees with access to our coaches, you increase the likelihood they stay and thrive in your company, which in turn improves productivity and morale. Use our ROI Calculator to see an estimated return on investing in Workforce Connection, and discover how we can customize our solutions to address your unique needs.

Workforce Program Assessment

High turnover is a major expense, even in entry-level positions. What are the tools you’ve put in place to engage and support your employees? How well are you performing and how do you compare to other companies facing the same challenges?

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Ease the Burden on Managers & HR

Everyone can use a good coach, but not everyone can be a good coach. Nor should it be expected.

Your managers, frontline supervisors and human resources professionals serve important roles and offer unique value to your company. In our experience, they can spend up to 30 percent of their time tackling personal matters in your employees’ lives, which is time they are not necessarily utilizing the skills you hired them for.

We can help. Our Workforce Coaches are adept at addressing the personal and professional barriers that frequently detour frontline workers: unreliable transportation, expensive childcare, unstable housing, lingering legal troubles.

By engaging Workforce Connection, you get the experience and expertise of our coaches and you can maximize the experience and expertise of your managers and human resources professionals – a partnership that leads to greater attendance and improved morale. When everyone is able to do what they do best, you give your frontline workers their best chance to succeed.

Become a “Best Place to Work”

Our Workforce Coaches are trained professionals with years of experience helping individuals set and achieve their personal and career goals. By allowing your employees to access our services, you are helping build a stronger and more-positive workplace culture and contributing to a stronger local economy. Everyone benefits when your employees are engaged.

Whether our coaches are helping remove the barriers that hinder your frontline workforce or helping develop the soft skills that lead to internal promotions, we have seen that an effective partnership with your management and human resources staff can lead to greater attendance and higher morale.

Productivity improves when people are encouraged to use their strengths and are committed to the success of the team. Financial security improves with access to one-on-one financial coaching. A winning culture emerges when people feel appreciated – and especially when they are no longer overwhelmed by personal problems.

If you are interested in becoming a “Best Place to Work,” contact us to learn how Workforce Connection can empower your employees.