LeHia speaks like a soft rain, despite the adversity she has weathered. As a child, her life was often bleak and tainted with crime, racial tensions and the many challenges that come with living in a poor community. As an adult, her work history is wrought with short stints—in restaurants, temp positions or seasonal jobs. It seemed near impossible to get and keep a job with any growth potential.

Presently LeHia does not drive, and our city’s limited bus routes have been major barriers to employment outside the city center. Since there is no direct bus route for her to Sharonville and her job at West Chester Protective Gear, LeHia and her Workforce Coach have been working with Beacon of Hope Business Alliance, one of Cincinnati Works’ trusted resource partners. BOH has supplied a driver and a van to provide dependable transportation to LeHia and a handful of other workers. She now consistently arrives to work on time and sees the great opportunity WCPG provides.

With the help of her coach, TC Thomason, LeHia is overcoming some legal issues and plans to move from Price Hill. She has her eye on a better, more-central apartment and eventually wants to buy a car. She is patiently building credit and savings—all positive steps towards self-sufficiency and a more confident LeHia.

For the first time she is motivated and feels valued by her employer.

“I finally feel like I’m taking steps towards a future,” she said. “A future filled with success. By taking small steps in the right direction.”

Read more about LeHia in the 2017 Cincinnati Works Annual Report.

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