Quality Steel, Quality Staff

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Consolidated Metal Products is an award-winning, global manufacturer with a reputation for quality and consistency. They recognize that their staff is as important as their steel, and they invested in their employees last week by launching a formal relationship with Cincinnati Works through our new social enterprise, Workforce Connection.

Kristina Johnson, a professional development coach at Cincinnati Works, will be available one day every week to work with employees of Consolidated Metal at their campus in Price Hill. “She can be like a life coach for you,” CMP President John Bernloehr told the staff during a state-of-the-company address.

Johnson and TC Thomason, another CW coach, currently work with frontline employees at multiple local companies through Workforce Connection. The goal is to provide the range of services that Cincinnati Works provides its Members – coaching, training, work support – and make the services accessible to folks who have jobs and cannot easily reach our office.

“Workforce Connection takes Cincinnati Works’ best practices into the workplace to better serve vulnerable employees where they are – at work,” CW President Peggy Zink said. “It offers employers a solution to the retention, engagement and productivity of their frontline workforce.”

Workforce Connection is part of a strategic shift for Cincinnati Works to address the growing population of residents who have jobs but still cannot escape poverty. According to a recent study by the United Way, 43 percent of households in the United States cannot afford a monthly budget that includes housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cellphone plan. Any such employees at Consolidated Metal now have a dedicated resource to address those challenges.

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